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With any conversion, there's always going to be some differences; in converting the Agonizer supplement to a web based format, there was opportunity to try to 'improve' things, but some things are exactly where they should be (and this supplement is one of them). In the time of publication, it was the best source of information for the game of Klin Zha. Since that time, much of this has been updated in the various Klin Zha sites on the web, some of the suggested rules have vanished into obscurity (as have some of the contributors).

In creating this set of web pages, I have tried to stay with the original theme of the Agonizer, I have resisted the temptation to 'colorise' the pages (hopefully the colorised black and white movies have taught us something!)

When the images used in the supplement were available elsewhere, I have used them; the scanned art has been retouched where needed (for example, some pages with heavy art on the opposite page would bleed through).

The text has all been keyed in, any typos are likely mine (there are a few in the original, see the errata below). As they are found they will be corrected.

I've done all I can to capture the spirit and style of the original supplement. I hope those familiar with the original enjoy a moment of nostalgia, and those who are not gain an appreciation for the talents of thier Klingon Komrades.

Strength to Strength


p5 Summary section: "ButChess..." should be "But Chess..."
p5 Summary end: "grand masters" should be "grandmasters"