Once you have mastered basic KLIN ZHA, you may wish to try some of the more challenging variations.
For this variation, you will need some markers. I sometimes use coins. At the end of the game, the winner gets to keep them. In Ablative, each time a piece is moved, its previous position is marked and removed from further use by either player. If a position is marked, you cannot land a piece on it, but you can cross over it.
For this variation, a random number of board positions are chosen as neutral. No piece on a marked position can be killed.
This is the most challenging of all KLIN ZHA variations. It requires the use of only one set of pieces. The first player to set up is chosen randomly. That one then places the GOAL with its carrier piece. After that, the players take turns placing pieces with the strategy of keeping the GOAL and pieces safe from attack. Once set up, the first to place is the first to move. Now, during each turn, the player chooses one piece, making all others the enemy. The player who captures the GOAL on his turn is the victor.