To All Klingons, Everywhere!

You hold in your hands a copy of the established rules for the Klingon game of Klin Zha. I say "established rules" because I have been sending copies of them out for play testing for about three years, and have received no adverse feedback. Therefore I have decided to let them stand pretty much as initially distributed. To all those who sent advice and encouragement, thank you.

The game of Klin Zha was first mentioned in a novel titled The Final Reflection by John M. Ford. For his inspiration and the basic conceptual framework of the game, I extend to him my particular gratitude and admiration.

To all Star Trek fans everywhere (most particularly the Klingons, of course), I dedicate this set of rules. I hope that you derive as much satisfaction from the play as I have from the task of creating.

Kai, Klingon!
Korath emerges in a holodeck reconstruction of a twentieth-century "living room".

© Rules for the game Klin Zha, 1989, by Leonard B Loyd, Jr.
The term "Klingon" is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation