[Arim writes, "lt has been hinted in Marc Okrand's Klingon Dictionary, as well as in a couple episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," that Klingon love poetry is the best in the galaxy. I find war/death to be a subject more representative of the culture. The following is a killing ode, an ancient chant for warriors before face-to-face combat. The tera'gnan Lakota called "Crazy Horse" would have approved!

Notice how much of the true character is lost in translation. To the "English" language and culture, the concept of the poem is barbaric, and so sounds stiff. However, the true purpose of the chant is to prepare oneself mentally for the rigors of combat, as well as the prospect of the death of either combatant."]

batlh DaqawIu’taH

lo'laH jaghwI',
yoH tIqlIj'ej yoH tIqwIj;
qavan `ej biHegh.
batlh may'Daq biHegh;
not biqan'ej not bipuj.
DaHoHbe' rop;
'etlhDaq biHegh.
'oy'lI yItIv.
QaQ biSuvta.
jachQo' --
Qav tlhuH yitlhuH
pongwIj jatlhlI.



"You will be remembered with honor."

My Worthy enemy,
your heart is brave and
my heart is brave;
I salute you and you die.
You die with honor
in battle:
you will never be
old and weak.
Disease will not kill you;
you die at my sword.
Enjoy your pain.
You fought well.
Don`t scream-
breathe your last breath
speaking my name.