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Links to all the SVG files have been consolidated on this page, along with some notes that may help you make use of them.

There are a few programs that can read and edit SVG files. Adobe Photoshop(r) can work with SVG, as can Adobe Illustrator(r); For a cheaper solution, you can look at Paint Shop Pro(r), and free programs that can work with SVG files include Inkscape and the Gimp. Some Browsers can view them online, but they don't edit the files.

How do I work with SVG?

The svg files here have been designed with screen and print graphics in mind. The board is a problem, since when the board size is quadrupled (for example) you probably don't want the border width around the individual triangles quadrupled as well (which is what SVG does). To fix this problem, I am pleased to introduce you to the board generator. Fill in the blanks, click on the button, and the code for the board appears in the box below.

I chose not to do a pop-up window because different browsers handle SVG files differently, and all the popup blockers out there would make it hit or miss anyhow - so generate your board, copy the text from the window below into any text editor and save the file with an SVG extension.

Along with the board, the program also generates a numeric value in the box above the code; this value is the percentage to scale the pieces by so they fit in the triangles on the board you generated. Pieces are provided in green, gold, and red for the original, classic, and modern designs; each piece is in its own file, grouped together as a zip file (there are free utilities for every platform I know of for that compression method).

Design a Klin Zha Board


Some tips about the SVG files

These files have been designed to be as optimal svg files as possible, and will be refined as time permits. They can grow and shrink to any size you want. All the pieces have been designed to fit in a board, and the board has been sized so that it can be scaled at the same percentage as the pieces and the pieces will fit easily. The single exception to this is the Blockader, it can be sized slightly larger and still fit; if I stuck to the rule even for the Blockader, the piece would be so much larger than the others that it would look funny when placed next to the other pieces.

For those who don't want to decide

You can use my decisions (these are the same as the ones used in the set pictured on this site). All the sizing, proportioning, and coloring has been done, all you need to do is download the PDF file, print it, cut the pieces, and glue them on something sturdy. Presto, a working Klin Zha set! For those who prefer the original instead of the PDF file, it is zipped here (RTF original MS Word with EPS images).