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Quick note: This program is being provided here as is. I will be supporting it with changes as problems/improvements are found, so I would request that rather than posting your own copy of this on your own website, post a link and permit download from here. The name of the zip file may change, but this page (www.klinzha.com/zog) will be available and contain the link for the zip file.

This program encodes the rules for the game of Klin Zha for the Zillions of Games engine. Unfortunately, this program will not work with the free demo, you'll need to buy the full version ($24.98 USD, or if you want a CD it costs $39.98 USD [$49.98 USD if being shipped internationally]. See the Zillions store page for more information.

The zog file now contains additional graphics for the board and pieces, as well as a German translation for the game (so instead of four files there will now be eight, four in English and four in German). Many thanks to Mario Donick for the additional graphics and the translation.

The game references rules available at this site, I have opened up the laws for use, but these should still be considered preliminary.

This implementation incorporates six variants:

The last variant above is an implementation of the IKS setup rule, which prohibits the 'Blockader in the Corner Goal Defense'. I am inclined to agree with this prohibition, as that kind of strategy seems very Terran; I'm not convinced it should be a rule, however; in the Klingon way of things I suspect a warrior playing such an opening would be assigned to kitchen duty for the remainder of his career, or dispatched on the spot. However, for terrans, avoiding this setup (be it via rule or guideline) is prudent.

Each variant can be combined with the others, giving a total of sixty four variations! The menu got a bit long with all of those, so I have split the game into four rules files, incorporating the honorSetup (HonorSetup*.zrf prohibits a blockader wedge in front of the Goal, and Open*.zrf does not) and the 'Fool and His Head' (*Training.zrf warns of Goal jeopardy, *Normal.zrf does not).

Each of the four files contain the remaining four variations:

  1. Alternating Placement
  2. Power Vanguards
  3. Kagga's Crown
  4. Forward Placement
And the twelve combinations of the four (1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+2+3, etc).

Unzip this file where you'd like:


The four rules files will be in the OpenKlinZha directory where the game is extracted to, and the Zillions engine will start any of the four.